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The chapel of Agios Nektarios

The chapel of Agios Nektarios is built on the location Agios Kalogiros. According to an old tradition, on the location Agios Kalogiros there used to be a big cave and above it there was a chapel of Agios kalogiros. The chapel was ruined and in the same place the chapel of Agios Nektarios was bullt in 1970. The chapel was built with the contribution of an inhabitant of the village, who wanted to thank the Saint because he has cured his ill wife. It is situated on the northern of the village. It is very small and its capacity is 15 people.

It was built with bricks and it is white but it has no bell tower. It is single aisled with an inner arch and the roof is covered with tiles. The yard has fencing composed of a low wall and the floor is cemented. 

Inside the church there is a wooden iconostasis which has only one central Gate. On the right and left side of the iconostasis there are 3 icons which were made in the monastery of Salamiou in 1987. 

The chapel celebrates mass once a year. On 9th November the community of Kalavasos celebrates the feast day of Agios Nektarios with a procession of his icon. 



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