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The chapel of Zoodohos Pigi

According to an old tradition, on the location where the small chapel is built, there was a big stone where there was a non-stop flow of water. The chapel was named “Panagia Agiasmatou” but the formal name of it is “Zoodohos Pigi”.

The construction started in December 1969 and it was completed in April 1970. It is a very small chapel and its capacity is 20 people. It is placed eastern of the village (one kilometer outside the village) among the hills of two mountains. It is singled aisled with an inner arch and its form is rectangular. 

The chapel is white and when you observe it from afar, it looks like a shinning star among the hills of the mountains. The central entrance of the chapel is on the west side and it is decorated with two big arches. It has also two windows, one on the north side and another on the south side of the chapel. 

Inside the church you will see the wooden iconostasis with the simple icons, all made in 1970. On the left side of the iconostasis there is a shelf on which the icon of Zoodohos Pigi is placed. This icon was made in 1964.

The chapel is flat, simple but in good condition. For the conservation of the chapel, the community of Kalavasos organizes fund-raisings. 

The chapel celebrates mass once a year. On Friday after Easter the community of Kalavasos celebrates the feast day of Zoodohos Pigi or Panagia Agiasmatou. 



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