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The chapel of Lamproforousa Panagia

The old chapel of Lamproforousa Panagia, which was built in 1900, is situated northern of the village (2.5 kilometers outside the village). It is near the chapel of Archangel Michael and it is built on a hill of a mountain. The roof is conered with tiles, it has an inner arch, it is very small and its capacity is 10 people.

The chapel is stone made and white. Its main entrance is on the south side. The yard is quite big but with no fencing.

The inside of the church is very small. The iconostasis is actually a small shelf with just a few icons on. They were made in 1948. It is flat, simple and it does not celebrate mass very often. On the feast day of Archangel Michael after the service, people pass from this small chapel and make their prayers and vows.



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