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The chapel of Saint George Kefala

It is believed that Saint George Kefalas (head) cures headaches and that’s how he got the name Kefalas. The chapel is built 3 kilometers outside the village, on the way to the village Vasiliko. 

It was built in 19th century, it is singled aisled with an inner arch, it has tiles on the roof and its form is rectangular. There is nothing special or unique in this church. Its capacity is 30 people. It is stone made, white and its yard is cemented and with no fencing. 

In the church you can see a wooden psalter and a wooden iconostasis. There is no gallery. The iconostasis has some old icons, which were made by the monks of the monastery of Stavrovouni. There are 2 gates on the iconostasis: the central and the north. On the right side of the iconostasis there is a small shelf where the icon of Saint George is placed. The icons are dated back in the 19th century. The chapel celebrates mass once a year, on the feast day of the Saint George, on 3 November.



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