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The church of Panagia Titiotisa

The central church of the village which is dedicated to Panagia Titiotisa is built in the center of the village among the traditional houses.

The church was built around 1892 and it is cruciform. It is quite big and its capacity is around 300 people. 

It is stone made with stones which were extracted from the vicinal village Tochni. The yard of the church is big and paved with slabs. The fencing on the west-south side has many flower gardens and on the east-north there is a baluster. On the east side of the church, outside the sanctuary there is a tall bell tower with arches.

Inside the church there is a beautiful wooden carved iconostasis. The holy icons of the church are also very old but in very good condition as they were restored. Above the iconostasis there is another zone of miniatures of the 12 Apostles and other Saints. Above this zone there is a third one, again with miniatures and above the third zone you can see the Crucifixion of Christ. The iconostasis has three gates: the central Gate, the north (right) Gate and the south (left) Gate. On the right annex of the church there is a beautiful annex and on the left annex there is a despotic throne. The gallery is flat and it is not the usual wooden one. 

The church is dedicated to the Nativity of Theotokos which is celebrated on 25 March. Many people visit the church this day every year to pray to Virgin Mary. 



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